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Take advantage of NexusPro, the best SaaS marketing and sales solution. Digital marketing success relies on our platform’s integrated features that reduce the need for separate platforms. From lead generation to closing deals, NexusPro helps your business grow.


About Us

Our Story: Innovation Born from Partnership

NexusPro (also known as The Nexus Pro and TheNexusPro), founded by Banele and Kenji, simplifies digital marketing. To make premium digital marketing tools accessible and user-friendly, we designed a platform that merges all your marketing demands into one seamless interface without the high price tag.

We empower businesses, from startups to agencies, to easily achieve marketing goals. Innovative and committed to your success, NexusPro provides continual improvement and support to maximise your business’s potential.

Features | Benefits

A Closer Look at TheNexusPro's Features

Each of these features is designed with the user in mind, ensuring that NexusPro fits your business’s current and long-term demands. Our platform changes with you, providing features and functionalities to meet the changing digital marketing world.

Lead Capture Excellence

No technical skills needed to create appealing surveys, forms, and more using our drag-and-drop interface. Enhance engagement and simplify sales funnel navigation.

Advanced Nurture Capabilities

Automate emails and social media to stay in touch with leads. Our multi-channel platform's continuous and tailored communication enhances engagement and conversion rates.

Streamlined Closing Process

Use integrated payment tools and an easy scheduling system to close more deals. Detailed information from our analytics dashboard enables smart marketing decisions and optimisation.

Fully Automated Booking

Automate bookings using AI to save time and scale processes. Customise follow-up messages to maintain your brand's voice while our system keeps appointments coming.

Why Our Solutions are the Best

Innovation, Integration, and Support


NexusPro innovates with AI-driven features and cutting-edge technologies. We create digital marketing trends and give our users the latest tools to stay ahead of the competition.


We integrate all digital marketing tools into one platform to simplify it. With its open API architecture for seamless integrations, NexusPro streamlines lead generation and analytics without different software solutions.


We provide full expert support and rich tools to help customers maximise the platform’s potential and solve digital marketing problems.

NexusPro sales funnels

Long Term Success

Creating the Digital Marketing Ecosystem

Leverage a unified platform equipped with all essential tools, eliminating the need for integrating multiple systems.

Efficiently generate leads with our comprehensive suite of tools including surveys, forms, and calendars.

Engage leads through automated communications across multiple channels, such as emails, GBP and Social Media DM’s.

Utilise our integrated tools for appointment scheduling, automated response and messaging system, and analytics tracking to effectively close deals.

Pricing Plan

Our Prices

Basic Plan


/ Month

Setup Fee: R1690 Once-off

Ideal for: If you familiar with a CRM system and want to do everything yourself. Extra training can be requested at an additional cost.

What's included?

Lead Generation Lite


/ Month

Setup Fee: R15499 Once-off

Ideal for: If you want hot leads, ready to purchase or book!

What's included?

Lead Generation Pro


/ Month

Setup Fee: R34499 Once-off

Ideal for: If you want long term growth and success! And of course, everything Lead Generation Lite has to offer.

What's included?

Unlock Your businesses’ Potential

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Experience change with NexusPro. Improve your marketing, sales, or brand identity with us. We can improve your digital marketing and develop your business. Contact us today.

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